About USN

Originally located in Dreux on a site of 1900 m², we transferred the activity in 2018 on a site of 2700 m² located in Vernouillet, nearby the previous location.


Our goal is to provide our European customers a range of products and services to meet their needs to reduce costs while maintaining the level of quality required.


We choose our partners and supppliers based on their quality. They should at least be ISO 9001 certification, but the vast majority holds certifications in the automotive sector, such as ISO TS16949, QS9000, VDA6 ... USN certified ISO9001-2015.


With over thirty years of experience in the industry, we have seen customer demands evolve for more flexibility in the structural approach to their suppliers.
However, companies producing conventional usually remain sealed to the needs of their customers and do not offer additional services to develop a flexible and evolving partnership.
To overcome this lack of flexibility, we decided to create the company USN and propose a comprehensive approach to your needs by relying primarily on:

  • A full range of spare technical bindings
  • Many partnership agreements with global suppliers of 1st row
  • An implementation on two sites in Europe,
  • A central purchasing Asia, India, Eastern Europe ...
  • Additional services to meet demand; 100% inspection, storage, packaging, washing, ultrasonic ...
  • Surface treatments and thermal performed in a group together.





We offers you a worldwide network of suppliers for industrial products of quality for the best price.



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