Disc Springs

USN now has a large stocks of Disc Springs accordingly to the DIN 2093. All Disc Springs are supplied in phosphate finish as standard and are also available within days with specialist finishes such as mechanical zinc plating (Chrome 6 free) - plated in house - by Surface Protection Ltd. Special materials such as stainless steel or inconel are also available on request. Products to customer design specifications can also be supplied.


Standard disc springs

We offer disc springs as per DIN 2093 standard and specials as per customer specific requirements.

Within following groups of DIN 2093, standard sizes as per series A, B & C are available.

Group 1: Disc springs thickness, less than 1.25 mm

Group 2: Disc springs thickness, from 1.25 to 6 mm

Group 3: Disc springs thickness, over 6 mm


Access to tables by group : link



Bearing series disc springs

We offer ball bearing disc springs in two types :



  • Disc springs with high force, low deflection and pronounced regressive spring characteristics
  • It provides for backlash compensation, silencing and protection of ball bearings
  • The pre-load variation changes little within a wide range of deflection
  • Outside diameters ranging from 9.8 to 358 mm

Acces to technical table : link



  • Disc springs with low force and large deflection characteristics
  • Used with small size ball bearings

For all your requests regarding slotted disc springs : contact us

Spring assemblies

We offer differents spring assemblies for your technical applications  : Servomotor suspension, Boiler support & hanger, Wind turbine brake ...

Servomotor turbine suspension assemblies

Boiler hanger

Spring pack for wind turbine brake


  • 100% load tested assemblies
  • Support in design & application engineering
  • Variety of raw materials & coatings
  • Customized packaging

For all your request regarding assemblies : contact us

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